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Cash For Silver

Silver also known as beautiful white metal and younger brother of gold is really popular metal in India. It is a not so very expensive metal that’s why it is also known as common man’s gold. Just like gold, silver also has its traditional and cultural value in Indian tradition. People buy silver idols, utensils, coins and bars because it is said that silver brings good luck and prosperity in life. Before buying silver we keep so many things in our mind like, price of asset, best sellers and outlets in our city etc. Just like buying silver, selling silver is also a part of market.

So, if you are looking for buyers to sell your silver, Cash for gold is your destination. Cash for gold in a very trusted and known name in jewellery market, our authenticity makes us the first choice for our customers. We have a well trained and experienced staff for evaluating the assets, where our evaluation methods are recognized and approved by international market. We complete evaluation process transparently in presence of our customer.

We value the concern and attachment of our customers with their assets that’s why we provide free jewellery assessment for our customers. Our biggest motive is customer satisfaction; we highly appreciate and accept our customer feedback. Our qualities make us different from other buyers or dealers and we are the first choice of customers in Delhi NCR region.

Silver Item that We Buy

pawngoldshop  Neck pieces

pawngoldshop  Chokars

pawngoldshop  Bangles

pawngoldshop  Ear rings

pawngoldshop  Nose rings

pawngoldshop  Bracelets

pawngoldshop  Rings

pawngoldshop  Toe rings

pawngoldshop  Anklets

pawngoldshop  Idols

pawngoldshop  Bars

pawngoldshop  Coins

pawngoldshop  Utensils